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Gate To Nature is a Danish-run association that collaborates with other actors/organizations around the world to promote a planet where humans and animals can live in harmony. All over the world, nature and biodiversity are under pressure. Animals and their habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate. We want to change that world by ensuring the protection of natural areas and species.

Gate To Nature supports projects that make a concrete difference in preserving natural areas and animal species. As an example, we can currently has supported the Masai Mara Kenya in reforestation trees in collaboration with the Karen Blixen Camp Trust. Up to 80% of the original tree plantations in and around the Masai Mara in Kenya have disappeared, and more than half of the remaining nature is today unprotected and experiencing massive pressure from agriculture and investors who want to transform the Masai Mara into anything but the natural gem, for which the reserve is world-renowned. In 2023, Gate To Natures will start more international collaboration together with the organization Bali sea turtle society and Blue Corner Conservation. The sea has become man’s landfill, which i.a. have disastrous consequences for the turtles and the coral reef. We will make our best to make this better!


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