Support Gate To Nature

Support Gate To Nature

Become a member of Gate To Nature from only 8 USD per month

As a member of Gate To Nature you get to donate minimum 100 trees to Masai Mara in Kenya each month, you get access to special offers and pre-orders to events, and last but not least you receive our newsletter.

Furthermore you become a part of saving nature and wild animals in Masai Mara, Kenya, which are struggling as more than 80% of the original tree planting has disappeared due to illegal logging.

The massive logging makes the wildlife even more vulnerable to poaching, where animals such as lionesses need hiding places for giving birth to and hiding their cubs to protect them against buffalos, other lions and hyenas.

$ 8.00

Number of seedballs per month

100 seedballs per month, 150 seedballs per month, 200 seedballs per month

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