Crowdfunding for a new coral reefs

Crowdfunding for a new coral reefs

Gate To Nature, together with Alex Høgh Andersen, Malte Ebert, and Morten Hilmer, will make an extraordinary effort to help nature and marine life in Bali, Indonesia. We are collecting funds for 43,000 square meters coral reefs, which costs 15.000 USD.

Help us make a big difference by restoring the damaged coral reefs.

We need to restore 43.000 square meters of coral reefs for the benefit of fish, sharks, turtles, and all the other fantastic life that we share the coral reefs with.

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How we build new coral reefs
With our local partners, we create new reefs in the most gentle and effective way possible.

The method we use is to collect coral fragments from areas where they are unable to establish themselves. We then attach them to artificial frames or lines that are fixed in areas where coral reefs were previously present but have now been destroyed by humans.

We continuously monitor the new coral reefs to see how they are developing and, together with other partners around the world, compare results to constantly optimize our methods and create the best possible reefs.

It works, and within a few years, the new coral reefs begin to take shape, and the first fish return.

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